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We are radically inclusive, diverse, trauma-informed and committed to cultivating liberation and transformation through the breath.


Breathwork Facilitator Training


You want the confidence and tools to step into your power as a Breathwork Facilitator. 

Breathwork has made a profound difference in your life and you are ready to go deeper. 

You are looking for a pathway to share this transformative practice with your community. 

Have you searched for breathwork trainings? Only to find programs that were missing some key things?

✔ A clear Anti Racism stance?
✔ Trauma-Informed Care components?
✔ A commitment to accessibility?

Or perhaps

You only found options that centered someone who doesn't reflect your life, values, or community?



  • Feeling so connected to your breath that it becomes a tool for less stress, more joy, and boosted creativity that you can access whenever you need it. 
  • A learning environment designed to support you through a trauma informed lens, that teaches you how to offer the same support to your clients. 
  • Helping your clients feel their feelings and release experiences and emotions they have been carrying their whole life.
  • Now imagine doing all of this in a community that centers people of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. A community that acknowledges systems of oppression. A community that is gender affirming and celebrates individuality.

This is what we offer at Breath Liberation Society.

A breathwork community that welcomes our uniqueness and amplifies the voices of many to create a learning experience that addresses the REAL world that we live in. 


Here is What You Will Learn

How to deepen your breathwork practice.

How breathing relates to the nervous system.

Practioner Ethics 

How to navigate possible client experiences.

Session structure for private and group sessions.

Business of Breathwork

We Offer

✦  A four-month virtual Breathwork Facilitator Training. After completion, you will be able to confidently lead private breathwork sessions, couples, and groups. 

✦  Four live weekend intensives

✦  Recorded Lectures, go at your own pace, learn during hours that work for you! 

✦  The guidance from experts in the fields of Trauma-Informed Care, Anti-Racism, and Inclusion

✦  The knowledge and wisdom of 20 breathwork and energy work facilitators 

✦  Supervised facilitation experience and mentorship circles

✦  All together totaling over 60 hours of recorded content that you can come back and listen to anytime! 


Meet Chauna

Chauna Bryant (she/her) is a Breathwork Meditation facilitator, Pilates Instructor, and social justice advocate. She is dedicated to body and mind rejuvenation. With 15 years of experience, Chauna assists her clients in the cultivation of their mind, body, and breath alignment. She revolutionizes her multiple practices by integrating her multiple expertise into enriching client-specific experiences. With her methods, dedicated Pilates clients cultivate stronger, leaner bodies while benefiting from breath activating energy work. Participants in her private, group, and corporate Breathwork Meditation sessions benefit from her multifaceted experience and singular approach. Chauna offers Virtual breathing circles at inclusive pricing: a sliding scale pay structure and scholarships are available, when possible. You can catch her free, guided Breathwork Meditations, on YouTube, InsightTimer, and InstagramTV. 

Breathwork Love

“This morning I got to do my own breathwork practice with Chauna as my guide. Chauna is a powerful healer, space holder, and intuitive. She helped me break through some tough mental barriers I’ve been holding onto, and I experienced deep relaxation. Thank you, Chauna. ”  — MRH

The Apiary (aka guest teachers) includes community members and facilitators 

Susan Ateh


Holding Space

Zaneta Sykes

(they/ them)


Jennifer Patterson


Use of Language & Sliding Scale

Regina Rocke


Working with Anger


Jordan Catherine Pagán (she/her)

Ancestral Work

Eryn Johnson



Amy Kurestky


Practioner Ethics

Cathleen Meredith


Radical Acceptance

Christine O’Connor




The summer cohort is closed. The next course will be in February 2022. 

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Breathwork Love

“I am so grateful for my breathwork circle experience. The energy in the room was surreal. I’ve never experienced anything like it. We cried, we screamed, we laughed but most importantly we let go. We let go of our limiting beliefs and set intentions for our future. I can honestly feel so much lighter today like a weight has been lifted. Thank you, Chauna for creating this safe space and sharing your gift of breathwork. love and light.” — NG

The summer cohort is closed. The next course will be in February 2022. 

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