Frankie Hugh Clinic

A virtual community space providing accessible Breathwork.

Now open May 22- July 10. 

Frankie Hugh Clinic

A virtual community space providing accessible Breathwork

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We offer forty-five minute Private Breathwork sessions.  Every Breathwork session is different and completely customizable to the client. Most sessions will include:  

  • Grounding
  • Intention setting
  • Guided Breathwork (using the three-part breath)
  • Closing thoughts/sharing and aftercare instructions


Breathwork For All

The Frankie Hugh Clinic is Breath Liberation Society's virtual community space. The clinic expands on the mission of Breath Liberation Society to bring more diverse voices and accessibility to the breathwork community by offering Private Breathwork sessions at a greatly reduced sliding scale rate. All profits will be donated to the Breathwork Facilitator Scholarship fund. 


Payment Structure & Policies


All Breathwork sessions are priced according to a sliding scale. Pay what is sustainable to you, no questions asked. Still not sure what to pay? Consider the following things: 

  • Higher-end ($40--$50): You are able to comfortably meet all of your needs. You have flexible income for dining out, travel, and new technology
  • Mid Range ($20-$40): You stress about basic needs, but you are able to meet them, you are employed, and have some income for dining out, travel, and new technology. 
  • Low-end ($10-$20): You frequently stress about meeting your basic needs, and do not always meet them. You do not have extra income for dining out, travel, or new technology. 

No Refunds. Sessions must be rescheduled with 48 hours notice, or payment will be forfeited. By booking a session you agree to these terms. 

*If you are unable to make your scheduled session please cancel or reschedule (via the link in your confirmation email) as soon as possible in order to give someone else an opportunity. 

*The schedule is updated frequently, if there are no appointments available please check back.

*We are unable to book sessions via email, and due to the time restraints of our small team we will not respond to requests. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Breath Liberation Society

We are radically inclusive, diverse, trauma-informed, and committed to cultivating liberation and transformation through the breath. 

More about BLS

What is Breathwork? 

Breathwork is an active meditation that uses a rhythmic breathing pattern to quiet the mind and induce a meditative state. Breathwork can be used to reduce stress, navigate past traumas, routine "self-care" or all of the above. Whether it's the first or one-hundredth time, Breathwork experiences vary from emotional release to peace and relaxation.  

A Legacy of Service. 

The clinic is named after Chauna's (founder of Breath Liberation Society) maternal and paternal grandmothers, Frankie Louise and Hughletta (lovingly called Hugh). Both women were committed to community service and education.